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BabyToones -baby sleeping song


"try to remember yourself as a child. a couple of times, maybe, you’ve had troubles falling asleep at night, right? you spent too much of your time tossing and turning around on the bed because you just can’t sleep. and what were the best ways your parents do to put you, their baby, to sleep? singing lullabies and reading bedtime stories!now, as an adult, you’re probably facing the same dilemma as your mother (or father) did before. a lot of years have passed and the goodnight songs and lullaby’s lyrics have all escaped your mind. but, worry no more! BabyToones app is here to help you! with just a click, you can play you and your baby’s favorite lullaby or hear your favorite bedtime stories again and again. lullabies are songs that were created to soothe children and adults alike. they are used to pass down cultural traditions in some countries while others use them in developing the children’s emotional outcomes and their communication skills. but actually, one of the most important uses of lullabies is to aid infants to sleep.bedtime stories, on the other hand, are created to help children develop good manners and right conduct by using characters which the children can relate to. they touch the minds of the children in order for them to relate and put to practice the things they learned on the stories. amazing features to make your baby fall asleep: - BabyToones app was made to aid children not just in sleeping, but also during their waking hours. packed with features that are sure to help you and your baby enjoy sleeping and bonding time very well, you are sure to love this app!- this BabyToones app has a lot of feature that will help you put your baby to sleep while you work or play. it is made with you and your baby’s bonding in mind and also to help you connect with your baby even before sleeping. - with over a hundred high quality baby songs and lullabies that are good for making your baby relax and drift off to dreamland, you are sure saved from the nightmare of finding ways to make your baby sleep. - BabyToones app has a lot of good night songs and lullabies to choose from. each song also have their very own cool and beautiful background wallpapers that’ll be sure to relax you as you wait for your baby to fall asleep.- BabyToones app contains nature sounds such as the sound of the ocean’s waves, the sounds of seas, the sounds of the woods and other relaxing nature lullabies that will not only help your baby fall asleep immediately but yourself as well.- it also has a white noise for babies to fall asleep comfortably. you see, babies are used to loud noises inside the womb as it is actually loud in there. when they come out of the womb, it gets quiet and what happens is that they get uncomfortable.- if you are not letting your baby sleep yet, or if you are only finding time to relax, recreate and bond with your child, you can try the meditation lullaby on the app as well. it contains music that will soothe your tired brain and help your baby relax with you, too. - the BabyToones app can run on background with your other apps so you can work while letting your baby listen to bedtime stories or baby songs, or lullabies. it can also help you promote learning earlier to your baby by the help of the sounds of the alphabet and sounds of animal available on the app.- and it doesn’t end in that! BabyToones app also features a bedtime storyteller that you can run on background and tell stories to your kids if you are busy with your work stuff. this way, not only can you be by your baby’s side while letting them hear stories, you can also accomplish your tasks easily. - more features of BabyToones app includes a baby tracker and baby sleep monitor that will keep you in touch with your baby’s activities and his/her surroundings even after they fall asleep. so, what are you waiting for? download this app, now! "